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Here, a tarpaulin with his image and the Israeli flag is torched by Filipinos over the decision to publish a cartoon of Mohammed on Charlie Hebdo Meanwhile, Abbas Shumann, deputy to the Grand Sheik of Cairo's influential Al-Azhar mosque, said the new image was 'a blatant challenge to the feelings of Muslims who had sympathised with this newspaper.' Outrage: Many Muslims believe their faith forbids depictions of the prophet and reacted with dismay - and occasionally anger - to the latest cover image including at this demonstration in Marawi in the Philippines He said: 'I think we would have a much safer, much more prudent world if we were to engage in serious dialogue, serious debate about our differences and then what we will find out that what binds us together is far greater than what divides us.'Egyptian cartoonist Makhlouf appealed for peace with his own spin on the Charlie Hebdo cover, replacing Mohammed with an ordinary Middle Eastern man carrying a placard reading 'I am an artist' in French. Turkey was rare among Muslim-majority nations to have publications running Charlie Hebdo images.